Bradley T. Hughes

Bradley T. Hughes

Postdoctoral Fellow, Social Perception and Cognition Lab

University of Toronto


Hi, I am currently a researcher in Dr. Nicholas Rule’s Social Perception and Cognition Lab at the University of Toronto. My research investigates the impressions people form of others during face-to-face interactions, the stereotypes that manifest in these impressions, and how they impact social decisions.

An integral part of this work has been developing novel experimental and analytic approaches needed to examine these phenomena in actual interactions between real people from diverse populations.

In addition, I practice open science (OSF page), and have a interest in philosophy of science, research and quantitative methods.


  • Inequality
  • Interpersonal Perception
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Personality


  • PhD in Psychology, anticipated 2023

    University of Oregon

  • MS in Psychology, 2018

    University of Oregon

  • BA with Honors in Psychology, 2016

    University of California Berkeley


Research Methods

Science Communication



Structural Equation Modeling

Multilevel Modeling



In this project, I developed the Computer Mediated Round Robin (CMORR) study design and validated its use to study interpersonal perceptions.

Occupational Prestige

In this work, we collected and validated a new index of the occupational prestige of >1000 O*NET occupations. Click here for more info about how to easily incorporate this measure into your own work on SES.

Psychological Impacts of SES

In this project, we test the effects of the experience of financial stress on inhibitory control, an executive function associated with self-control.

SES, Stereotypes, and Social Decisions

In this project, we use the computer mediated online round robin (CMORR) to test how SES and SES_based interpersonal stereotypes impact social decisions about who to be friends with and who to trust.


  • University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97401
  • DM Me